Experience in the use of VitalDermax

Angelina from Prague experienced the action of the cream against wrinkles VitalDermax Intensive. She told me that she wasn't able to find a suitable product, and how it was discovered VitalDermax. Her experience will be of interest to many women. The face is my business card, I spend a lot of business meetings where I need to look perfect. In General, I look younger than my age, I don't have bad habits, leading an active lifestyle, and eating right. I'm married, this is my second marriage, and the husband is younger than me by 7 years. From the outside it quietly, others are thinking that I am younger than her husband. I try to look perfect both at home and at work, so face care is my daily work.

About my means to care for skin

Angelina from Prague experienced the action of the cream against wrinkles VitalDermax

I believe that the secret to youthful skin – moisture and UV protection. My skin is sensitive to the sun, so protective equipment are always on my shelf. I always choose the cream with SPF, and use them not only in summer but also in winter. The Foundation I choose, on this principle – all with SPF. Even those who have no sensitivity to sunlight, you should buy a cream with protection. They help prolong the youthfulness of skin. Now on sale lot of money, but the perfect cream to care I long could not find.

I have used several creams on care simultaneously, because each of them acted in one direction only: one good function of moisturizing, but passed ultraviolet, the other protected from the sun, but not filled with wrinkles, and the third combines everything you need but was too greasy for my skin. One day I saw an advertisement VitalDermax on the Internet and decided to buy this tool.

Feedback about the effect of the cream turned out to be true

According to the promises, the anti-wrinkle cream VitalDermax combines everything I need – hydration, smoothing of wrinkles, giving elasticity, protection from UVA/UVB rays. The composition was collagen and very my favorite hyaluronic acid, as well as the additional additive and the DNA of salmon. I have a positive attitude to eating fish in any form, and know what impact it has on appearance. I have considered the results before and after use, they seemed significant. Three days later the cream was in my hands.

Cream I liked from the first application

The result of using the cream VitalDerma angelina

I really like the packaging of the cream – it was immediately noticeable that the vehicle belongs to the professional line. The jar cream has a practical shape, it is convenient to store and open. The lid closes tightly, I worry that the cream does not fall excess air, which can reduce its activity.

The consistency of the cream is pleasant, moderately thick, cream absorbs quickly, but moisturizes the skin perfectly. How to use the cream, written in detail on the packaging, as the manufacturer recommends, I conducted a cleansing of the skin, and then apply the remedy. The cream I liked it immediately after the first application, the skin was firmer and toned. The cream is used high-quality protection against UV radiation, my sensitive skin felt it immediately.

Through two weeks the skin began to look better: there's elasticity, the skin has become tighter, small wrinkles smoothed out and her color became lighter. Moisturizing felt 100% hyaluronic acid had an effect. I used the cream VitalDermax for two months, others, like me, noted that my face had changed. Husband regularly began to make me compliments, and joking that I was actually younger. I liked the effect of the cream, now is the perfect cleanser for my skin.